ImageJ to add arrows to targeted cells

Using ImageJ/”Straight” tool to add arrows to cell pictures as below:

  1. right click to switch the default “Straight Line” to “Arrow tool”
  2. double click to set arrow size/outlook
  3. open a picture, mark a line on the target site press “D”, burn in arrow
  4.  or open ROI Manager to mark multiple arrows to one picture


EndNote plug-in in word cannot link to local library

EndNote plug-in in word cannot work (cannot link to the local library of Endnote) after installation?  If the interface is like this, then yes:

To deal with this matter:

(photos are from Baidu/Jingyan/漂小浮, EndNote X8)

The interface of plug-in when problem solved (EndNote X9):

* The drop-down list box of “Insert Citation” back

To remember:  ask Baidu in Chinese usually more efficient than Google if the Softwares are of Chinese edition.  This problem I find no answers using Google search (in English).